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JayKay Creative Design

JayKay Creative Design is a graphic and digital design boutique studio in Sydney. We work closely with clients from the most varied industries, from construction to events, making the design process as transparent and easy as possible. Our main concern is always to provide a great customer experience, making it effortless and always committing ourselves to deliver every project on time.

Providing expert design consulting to our clients, our focus is to continuously bring the best outcome possible, communicating your brand value proposition effectively in every design project.

We are proud to partner with larger corporations, consulting and providing design solutions for internal creative teams. We like to see ourselves as an extension of your trusted in-house team, always delivering on time when there’s need for an extra trusted hand.

Brand & Graphic Design

We truly believe all good design communication comes from good branding at the start. We strongly recommend you to review your brand from time to time to see if what the brand is communicating today is the message your clients should be getting, in order to stay connected with you.

Question yourself, is my target audience identifying with my brand? If I did change to a more appealing style and effective communication, would I increase my brand recognition and sales?

From our extended experience, we can say that knowing your clients is key to communicate effectively and consistently across different channels. From knowing what you and your client expect from your brand, we can expertly design your new look and feel, achieving an instant positive reaction from your target audience.

At JayKay Creative Design, we will take care of all marketing material you’ll need for your brand, from promotional flyers, brochures, pull-up banners, business cards, to exhibition stands. Any design project you’ll have, we’ll make it happen consistently and inline with your brand!

Website Design

We have a modern and fresh approach, believing the message and value proposition of your business is the most important. Showcasing an effective and effortless user experience, will elevate your clients trust in your product and service.

Working closely with you, our focus will be to organise the website information, providing a very clear message to your existing and future clients. At the same time we will design the structure and layout elements with a modern approach, bringing high quality imagery and contemporary visual style.

All our websites are built in a scalable framework, enabling their content to be responsive and adaptive to every single different display, on mobile, tablets and desktop screens.

Design Consulting

We like to consider ourselves the extra creative and reliable hand you need for your events and corporate projects.

We love to partner and bring our creative expertise to your in-house teams. We know that your day to day projects are very demanding and require project deliveries with outstanding quality, always within short time frames. Having this understanding and knowledge of the industry enables us to position ourselves as the ideal partners for your team, always on time and in budget.

Knowing this is all about a trusting relationship and that above all you need quality work delivered on time, we can say that we are very proud of our work and the one thing we can guarantee is that we will always be here for you.

JayKay Creative Design

Do you have a design project requiring a bit of care?
Does your team need creative help for your projects?

Let us know how we can help, we will do our best to go beyond your expectations.

Do you have a design project requiring a bit of care?
Does your team need creative help for your projects?

Let us know how we can help, we will do our best to go beyond your expectations.